Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taking a long break. . . but not really

So, I haven't been taking many photos lately, mostly because I'm concentrating on writing. Except where's the writing, you ask? I also haven't been writing poetry lately. This is because I'm concentrating on writing novels and of course just when I thought I knew what I was doing as far as creative writing was concerned, I learn that I don't know everything. I've written two and a half novels so far, and I'm hard at work on making that half a novel a whole. I spent the last several months rewriting one of them because I didn't know a damn thing about dialogue tags. This process has been both rewarding and humbling, like most things when it comes to writing.

So my long break isn't really a break, it's a trek onto another trail. I'm enjoying the view but I wish the trail markers weren't so tricky to follow.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Almost there for the MS Charity Ride!!!

Hey everyone,

I made my goal thanks to you! If you still want to help, please donate to my son Jeremy and my husband Terry. While it might be fun to snicker at them as they stand in line to get their number, I know that I will probably be standing with them at the beginning of the Multiple Sclerosis City to Shore Charity Ride.

The $300 goal is due today (Friday, August 20). If you would like to help, please donate! Only a few dollars will help. Here is my page and my son and husband's pages where you can donate directly online:

Thank you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MS City to Shore Charity Bicycle Ride

Hey everyone,

Once again I'm participating in the City to Shore bike ride to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. This is a tough ride for me: I have fibromyalgia, so riding 75 miles to the shore and then 75 miles back again is always a challenge, but it's one that I take willingly to raise money and awareness of the devastating disease so many must deal with every day of their lives. My mother-in-law has MS. I know what it looks like, but I don't know how it feels. That's why I do this ride and it's why my son Jeremy and my husband also ride.

I need to raise $170 more dollars to reach my goal. My son Jeremy needs to raise $250. I will be giving away one of my chapbooks to anyone who donates at least $20 to me until I hit my $300 goal. Then, I will give a chapbook to whoever helps my son Jeremy reach his $300 goal. This is a first come, first serve offer. I have twenty chapbooks to give away. For more info on my chaps, go here:

I have nine "How to photograph the heart" chaps available. I have eleven "The book of small treasures" chaps available.

To donate, go to my MS page: Christine's MS City to Shore Page. Please note the amount on the page and if I've reached my $300 goal, please donate to my son Jeremy.

To donate to my son Jeremy, go to his MS page: Jeremy's MS City to Shore Page.

Once you've donated, I will receive an email letting me know. I'll contact you and ask for your address so I can send you the chapbook. Unfortunately, this offer is limited to those living in the US since I can't afford the international shipping.

Please, even a small amount will help.

(PS-if I don't have your email address, I'll try to contact you via Facebook.)